Covid-19 Studies

In the latest days many people around the world is facing an unparalleled challenge, affected by the rapid expansion of COVID-19. The whole medical world is undertaking a heroic fight against the virus, willing to save the lives of millions of people. As our highest value is the health of every human being, we would like to contribute in this process, offering our potential, extensive knowledge as well as developed clinical infrastructure.

Bioresearch Group have possibilities to provide „First in Human Studies” for different types of vaccines: attenuated, inactivated, sub-unit, toxoid, polysaccharide, conjugated or DNA vaccines. We work with recognized experts in the medical world, with many years of experience with the knowledge in the field of lung diseases. Our core team comprises well-trained pharmacist and laboratory experts, who ensures excellent performance according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Our infrastructure, includes professionally equipped medical centre with intensive care unit. We have backup locations, where we can conduct parallel studies, additionally providing cooperation with the local clinical hospitals.
We have practical experience how to provide the early phase studies, according to the “fast track procedures”. The proper conduct of the research, as well as fast responsiveness, is ensured by our good practices in conducting communication with Bioethical Commission and Regulatory Authority as well as knowledge and solid background in preparing accurate documentation.

Our definite advantage is the wide recruitment possibilities. Thanks to our experience, use of modern tools, outpatient clinic and own database of healthy subjects, we are able to gain 250 subjects in one weekend and screen 100 subjects per day.

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Early Phase Clinical Trials

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