Małgorzata Jonak, MD

Małgorzata Jonak, MD
  • Over 25 years of experience in internal medicine, cardiology, ECG interpretation, obesity, androgen and metabolic disorders, as well as autoimmune diseases.
  • An excellent investigator with almost 15-years experience in work with the patients and healthy volunteers in more than  80 studies, including bioequivalent and I-IV phases studies as well as tobacco studies.
  • For many years she was a Medical Director and a principal investigator in the large early phases clinical trial site.
  • She continuously gains more and more knowledge participating in numerous courses and trainings, among other Progress in internal diseases, ICH GCP, Endocrinology.
  • She completed postgraduate-studies in Medical Law, Bioethics and Sociology in Medicine in Warsaw University.
  • A speaker at international scientific conferences.
  • She is a recognized and well respected authority in the field of internal diseases.

Dariusz Dziedzic, MD, PhD

Dariusz Dziedzic, MD, PhD
  • 25 years experience in General, Chest, and Transplantology Surgery.
  • A doctorate degree (PhD) in medical sciences (in the field of surgery)
  • In 2007 received certificate of the European Board of Thoracic and Cardio Vascular Surgeons.
  • Member of the Polish Society of Cardio Thoracic Surgery and European Association for Cardiothoracic Surgery.
  • For many years (25 years) he has worked in diagnostic and cancer diseases of chest.
  • Experienced in lung function assessment.
  • He has many years of experience in clinical trials in various centers , conducted about 100 phases I III studies and nearly 50 bioequivalence studies including tobacco studies
  • Academic lecturer

Tomasz Ciąćka, MD, PhD

Tomasz Ciąćka , MD, PhD
  • 20 years experience in General, Vascular, and Transplantology Surgery.
  • A doctorate degree (PhD) in medical sciences (in the field of surgery) obtained in 2013.
  • For many years, he has been dealing with vascular and endoscopic surgery, aesthetic phlebology and minimally invasive methods of treating lower limbs varices and vascular spider veins.
  • He has gained the experience among other in Clinic outside of Poland –Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Hannover, University Clinic in Mainz, St’ Vincent Hospital in Israel.
  • He is an excellent physician with more than 15 years experience in the field of clinical trials as an investigator (more than 150 studies).
  • He conducted numerous early phases clinical trials, bioequivalence, bioavailability, drugs interactions and numerous Tobacco studies.
  • He participated in more than 30 specialize courses and conferences, both foreign and domestic.

Agata Kącka, MD, PhD

  • 30 years experience in general, vasular, transplantological Anesthesiology and intensive therapy, acute pain management.
  • Doctor of Medical Science, graduate of Medical University in Warsaw (and passed the PhD degree)
  • Gained an international experience in Great Britain working in Wycombe General Hospital and in Livers Transplantology Center in France.
  • She has exceptionally experience in clinical trials as an investigator, she conducted numerous phase I and III clinical trials.
  • Moreover she is the co author of the publication Operational Risk in patients with giant obesity ” and author of about 50 scientific publications .
  • She is a recognized authority in the field of anesthesiology.
  • Academic lecturer

Mariusz Piotrowski, MD, PhD

Mariusz Piotrowski, MD, PhD
  • 30 years experience in general, vasular, transplantological Anesthesiology and intensive therapy,
  • Doctor of Medicine, graduated from the Medical Academy in Warsaw.
  • For many years professional associated with Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy Department.
  • His professional achievement include many early phases clinical trials and bioequivalence studies.
  • He works excellent in that role, gaining wide recognition from patients and a study team.
  • He is outstanding authority in the field of anesthesiology
  • Experience in clinical trials as an investigator, conducted numerous phase I and III clinical trials.

Mr Jarosław Długołęcki, M.D.

Mr Jarosław Długołęcki, (M.D.)
  • 16-years’ experience in clinical studies at the international level. He cooperated with global pharmaceutical companies and conducted research in renowned centres, such as PAREXEL Intl Berlin, Germany, Department of Clinical Pharmacology.
  • In his professional path he leaded and manage oncological study team ( phase III, lung cancer , 760 randomized patients) in 34 countries located in Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia (Data Management, Medical Writing, Medical Monitoring, being responsible for the whole study processes. He cooperated with the emergency departments of Warsaw hospitals, gaining extensive, practical, experience with severe forms of respiratory failure, requiring the use of various methods of supporting ventilation, circulatory failure and multi-organ failure.
  • Dr Długołęcki as the main investigator successfully performed 45 clinical trials in various medical areas
  • His substantial practice covers all phases of clinical trials. Currently, Dr. Długołęcki conducts specialized training for clinical research centres, CROs and pharmaceutical companies in the field of good practices, effective conducting of clinical trials as well GCP regulation, EU’s regulation and Polish law regarding clinical study.

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