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Smoking cigarettes is the one of the most recognised and widely studied risk factors for cardiovascular and lung diseases. Relationship between smoking and health exposure is multidimensional and extremely important socially. Therefore new initiatives are constantly being undertaken, aimed at limit negative effects on people`s health. Potential solution may be the introduction of “Smoke-Free” products, which reduce exposure to harmful and potentially harmful substances, contained in tobacco smoke.

Bio Research is the independent clinical study centre, providing reliable, extensive clinical study on tobacco products and smoking cessation. Clinical studies includes human data on the use and acceptance of the smoke-free products, as well as their potential to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and reduce the risk of smoking- related diseases as compared to continued smoking.

Each study covers a wide range of medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical procedures, as well as administration and management of the study performed.

Bio Research services includes:

  • Study Design & Start-up
  • Subjects Recruitment
  • Clinical & Scientific Consulting
  • IEC & RA submission
  • Bioanalysis
  • Long-Term storage of samples
  • Data Management
  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • Planning and performing statistical analyses
  • Interpreting data
  • Medical Writing & Reports

Each research is provided according to the highest quality standards following regulations:

  • World Medical Association (WMA) Declaration of Helsinki- Ethical Principles
  • of Medical Research Involving Human Subjects,
  • ICH – Guideline for Good Clinical Practice,
  • Applicable National Regulations.

This approach ensures study continuity and highest accuracy of received data. Our quality procedures, bioanalytical methods and extensive experience allow us to conduct researches, which refers to all stages of tobacco product life cycle: from introduction, through acceptance to its development.

Bio Research provides also smoking cessation studies, aimed to determine characteristics, smoking habits as well as effective therapy for quitting smoking. Subjects participating in the Tobacco Studies are includes in the dedicated Outpatient Smoking Cessation Program, created on extensive medical knowledge and experience. The therapy covers following actions:


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